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Internetwork Expert – Open Lecture Series

Hello Everyone !!!

So this post will be dedicated to one of the finest CCIE Preparation Products that I have ever seen. Yup it is the Open Lecture Series.

It is a part of CCIE 2.0 Program by Internetwork Expert which focuses on
dynamic learning content. In simple words it is a dynamic version of Advance Technologies Class. Here is a little excerpt from INE website

” Internetwork Expert’s CCIE Routing & Switching Open Lecture Series is an ongoing online course – keeping in line with our revolutionary CCIE 2.0 Program model – which provides candidates continuing live interaction with the industry’s most experienced CCIE authors and instructors. The dynamic format of this series ensures that candidates always have an outlet for getting their questions answered in real-time throughout the lifetime of their preparation. “

The Product comes in two versions Live and Class on demand

Well, my scholarship didnt include the live version where you can interact with the Instructor but still the Class on-demand version rocks.

Every week or so there are some classes that cover technologies in detail which were neglected by the ATC. You can see a sample list of lectures
below to get an idea of what im talking about.

– OSPF – 11/18/2008 Part 1 ( OSPF Intra-Area Routing )
– OSPF – 11/18/2008 Part 2 ( OSPF Inter-Area Routing )
– OSPF – 11/18/2008 Part 3 ( OSPF Inter-Area Routing with Multiple ABRs )
– OSPF – 11/18/2008 Part 4 ( OSPF External Routing )
– OSPF – 11/20/2008 Part 1 ( OSPF Virtual Links )
– OSPF – 11/20/2008 Part 2 ( Traffic Engineering with Virtual-Links )

– BGP – 11/26/2008 ( BGP Traffic Engineering with Aggregation )
– NAT – 01/14/2009 ( Advanced NAT Design )

etc etc

I guess uptill now there are approx 40 lectures. One of the things that I noticed recently was that you can even request the INE guys to have some classes on topics of your choice that you may find difficult.
Usually Brain Mcgahan is the instructor for these classes but I also would like to see Scott and Petr do some classes as well.

For those who are following INETraining on Twitter. There is a great weekend deal for the Open Lecture series. so hurry up now and grab this product.


  1. Mohsin Ali
    August 19, 2009 at 11:47 am

    Hello hope u will be f9.
    i soo happy that u have become ccie.

    can u give me ur email id
    ta k email sy rabta rakhoon tumharay sath

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