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Whats Next !!

October 30, 2009 2 comments

Its been a long time since my last post .  Immediately after passing the Lab Exam I had loads of work waiting for my return to office.  I have been working on an upgrade project for one of our customers which was consuming most of my time. And Finally I submitted the Design and BOQ and now waiting for the Customer to accept it so that I may go ahead on developing the Implementation and Migration Plans. I will be writing my experiences with Project in the next few months.

So the geekness inside of me is not letting me sit calm and I have decided to go after another CCIE.  I first decided to go for Service Provider but my job role involves a lof of Cisco Security Related stuff as well so I changed my plan and now pursuing CCIE Security. As you know the new blueprint is very difficult and there have been only a few success stories since then so this one will be very challenging and I would love to tackle this beast.

I must thank Kady Heaton and all the INE Team for giving me the CCIE Security End-to-End Program as a part of Scholarship which I received for R&S earlier this year but could not attend the Onsite Bootcamp due to Visa issue. kady was nice to transfer that portion to Security Program.

Currently im studying MPLS VPN and Performance Routing for a Project and then I will move on to CCIE Security Studies. My strategy will remain the same as R&S. Pick each technology and beat it to death.  I used INE Advance Technologies Class and Open Lecture Series as Class Based Trainings and Volume I Technologies Workbook as main training products,  So same products for Security as well but unfortunately INE does not have OLS for Security till now so i will have to check for other VODs from CCBOOTCAMP or maybe IPEXPERT in addition to INE ATC

Stay tuned for some Technical Posts in near future

Goodbye For Now !

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